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Did you know? On average, two-thirds of a company's ESG footprint lies with its suppliers.

With Certa, you can measure the ESG performance of your third-parites with just a click.

Supplier Diversity

Carbon Footprint

Code of Conduct Compilance

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Measure the ESG impact of
your supply chain with Certa

Collect data across 1000s of suppliers


Secure log-ins


Structured data based on risk, commodity and regulation


Local languages


Periodically update data

Flag lagging companies


Identify companies that fall below your thresholds


Timely escalation and approval flows with audit trails

Validate via rating / certification agencies


Validate sustainability via EcoVadis, BvD, etc.


Validate diversity credentials viea, D&B, etc.

Report & Integrate


Track progress towards goals


Feed data to enterprise data warehouses and systems


Ad-hoc report e.g, for RFPs

Certa makes
good business

Custom Workflows

That can go across the
organization and to third parties


Supports multiple languages &
complies with local regulations

Easy Integrations

100+ ready made integrations to
system and data sources


Get started quickly dand benefit
from best practices at other firms


Go live quickly and add modules
over time

Systen Driven Engagement

Integrate ESG into your business
processes e.g., supplier/investment
assesment, ad-hoc data requests

Automate your ESG workflow
& reporting with Certa

Certa automates each stage of your supplier diversity program

Stage 1:

Manual Reporting


Set goals and buying policies


Enrich supplier data with diversity information


Report manually

Stage 2:

Instant Verification


Instant verification via D&B,,etc


Automated updates


Master data and automated reporting

Stage 3:

Guided Verification


A guided process enabling suppliers to get verified

Stage 4:



Recommend diverse suppliers during buying process


Score RFP suppliers to meet nuanced policy thresholds

Certa tracks the carbon footprint of your supply chain


Get Carbon Ratings

Get carbon ratings of all your suppliers automatically through EcoVadis


Capture Emissions Data

Automatically capture
scope 3 emissions data
from suppliers
at scale via custom
questionnaries based on
specified criteria
(commodity, region, etc.)


Manage & Track

Capture emissions data as part of your supplier onboarding process and monitor for changes. Easily track delivery and completion of questionnaires, get notified about red flags, and create reports


Take Action

Assess emissions impact data for each supplier and identify exactly where to focus your reduction activities. Easily add industry standard or proprietary models

Automate compilance with your code of conduct


Auto send code of conduct

You can include Code Of Conduct acceptance as a part of your supplier on-boarding process. And / or retroactively send an email to all ( or selected) suppliers to accept your code of conduct


Finalise internally

Workflow for your team to review proposed changes and collaboratively arrive at a conclusion


Supplier review and eSign

Suppliers can choose to eSign the code of conduct or propose any changes


Track and manage

Track code of conduct delivery and signature status, red flags, etc.

The Importance of ESG
in Today's Market

SEC ESG regulations is
"The Next Sox"


Released 500+ page proposal
last month


Stringent requirements for
mandatory climate disclosures


Includes Scope 3 emissions (i.e.,
from supply chain) and climate risks

EU regulation (CSRD)
is coming sooner


EU is 2 years ahead of the US


Applies to non-EU-based
companies with subsidiaries in
the EU


Also includes Scope 3 emissions

70% of ESG impact depends
on your supply chain


Measuring Scope 3 is much
harder then Scope 1 and 2


Businesses aslo have less
control on how Scope 3
emissions are addressed


Climate risk disclosures will
include disruptions to supply chains

Why Certa

Certa integrates with everything


Over 100 no-code integrations
with more being added weekly

Certa is trusted by industry leaders


1M+ entities onboarded


120+ countries


17+ languages

Certa is built for the enterprise


SOC2 & GDPR compilant


Enhanced securty with BYOK encryption


In-app reporting & BI Integration

Taking charge, driving change
Ft. Brandon Thomas

In this episode of CertaCast, Brandon (SVP Global Sustainable Markets) joins us to discuss what it menas to do your part in saving the world and how to drive genuine change as leader.

Earth Day Series Webinar:
Everything you
Need to get Ready
for SEC Climate
Disclosure Rules

April 27th at 12p PST

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